Wood Fireplaces

CAFD has a large selection of wood burning fireplaces and inserts from Dutch West, Heatilator, Kozy Heat, Mendota, Napoleon and Vermont Castings.

Open fireplaces were a staple before the days of centralized heating. There are 28 of them in the White House alone. Starting in the 1950s, manufacturers began supplanting masonry with pre-fabricated units for new construction . . .


Next generation fireplaces, which use fuels other than wood, retain heat more efficiently and offer tax savings to new buyers.

2011 BEST

Come see what CAFD has just installed in our two hearth product showrooms! The EPA-certified Heatilator Constitution qualifies for a $300 tax credit. Highly efficient, the Constitution wood burning model produces more heat with less fuel. It is one of the cleanest burning wood fireplaces available today.

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