CAFD Advantage

The 5 Reasons You’ll Love Doing Business with CAFD

1. We are a big family

CAFD is like one big, happy family. And it's not just a family of employees and customers - Vendors are part of our family too. Our close relationship with leading manufacturers, allows us to offer better deals, a better buyer experience for our retail customers and a valuable business advantage for our trade professional clients.


2. We will surprise and delight you

We do it all – deliver, uncrate, set in place &, install appliances & hearth products to every corner of Connecticut. We do gas hookups, conversions and hearth product service and we will provide fireplace trim out with any option you can imagine!


3. We are product experts

We know everything about every product and sophisticated piece of equipment we sell. During the buying process, we work with architects, kitchen designers, electricians, plumbers and gas & electric utilities. As a result, we provide surprising, delightful experiences for our customers - like the customer who needed unique wiring for the ventilation assembly over his kitchen island. The electrician left out a couple of wires, and one of our staff went to the home and hooked up the wire harness correctly.


4. We’re with you . . . no matter how long it takes!

Our staff is trained to take the time to make sure customers get the help they need -- no matter how long it takes. There are no time limits. In one amazing example, one of our salesmen spoke with a customer for more than four hours to help them find the perfect oven. Every customer feels like he or she is our best customer.


5. We'll get you whatever you need – even if we don’t sell it!

A recent customer wanted to change the layout of her kitchen cabinets to accommodate a new range, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. We found her a kitchen designer who solved the problem in a flash. We make it easy for you!

CAFD is a member of the following Business and Trade Associations to better serve our friends and customers: 

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